One of the fastest-growing tech skills on the job market today is Product Management, as companies are increasingly understanding the value of a high-level execution professional for success and longevity.

A new 7-course collection will familiarize you with the entire spectrum of vital skills required to excel in the Complete Product Management Bundle, offering a comprehensive set of tutorials aimed at helping you upgrade your skillset and land your dream job as a Product Manager. For a limited time, you can start down the path to success for just £31.45 ($44.99) from Pocket-lint Deals.

Establish essential Product Management skills for B2B companies through the bundle’s 60-plus hours of elite training, as you develop familiarity with the critical elements behind a strategic product marketing plan and beyond. You’ll independently test and launch your ideas without learning how to code, and establish product vision confidence without the hassle of recruiting a technical partner.

The Complete Product Management Bundle will deliver direct resources and techniques for you to sail through the toughest questions in a Product Manager interview, and you’ll even receive a letter of recommendation upon completion. And while qualification is half the battle, finding the right opportunities can be just as daunting.

That’s why the bundle also offers up some valuable insights in finding Product Manager jobs, with access to instructor feedback on your plan once the course is complete. You’ll also receive a personal recommendation from the instructor after a quality demonstration of your plan!

You’ll receive the following courses:

  1. Skillsets to Shift Your Career to Product Management
  1. The Complete Product Management Course
  1. Master the Product Manager Interview - The Complete Guide
  1. The Non-Technical Person's Guide to Building Products and Apps
  1. Become a Product Manager | Learn the Skills and Get the Job
  1. Product Management: Product Market Strategy
  1. Buyer Personas for Your B2B Business

The Complete Product Management Bundle will help you exceed expectations as a PM and pave the way to success. Pick it up today at a full 79 per cent off from Pocket-lint Deals.