We were all excitedly looking forward to the rumoured return of the Samsung Galaxy Note series to the UK with the Note 6 and now we're hearing it's never coming. A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with edge display is reportedly coming next.

According to sources of Korea's Electronic Times, Samsung wants to bring the Note phablet range in line with the generation name of its flagship S7 and S7 edge handsets. It apparently doesn't want people to think, by naming it 6, the phone is somehow less advanced than the S7.

It's also worth noting that Samsung usually unveils its Galaxy Note phablet later in the year, pitting it against Apple's next iPhone release expected around September. By making the Note a 7, like the next iPhone 7, it should set Samsung head-to-head more competitively, in terms of name at least.

The same report also states that there will no longer be a 'normal' Note available but rather just one Super AMOLED dual-curved edge display option.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, or 6, is expected to appear first in August and feature an IP68 water and dust proof build, 5.8-inch QHD display, 12-megapixel Super OIS Plus camera, and Exynos chip with up to 6GB of RAM and a 4000mAh battery.

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