It has been rumoured for a while that the iPhone 7 will not be a massive revolution in design terms to the iPhone 6 and 6s. Instead, it is said that it will continue the slim, rounded aesthetic we have seen for the last two generations.

We've even seen something that might further that thought.

During the Computers Unlimited Exposed event in London, Pocket-lint was told by an industry source that a series of case designs we saw in a printed portfolio and a glass screen protector made by Cygnett were not for the iPhone 6, but the iPhone 7. We took photos naturally.

If the dimensions are correct to the final release, they show that the iPhone 7 will look almost identical to before. Indeed, all the case designs that we were told were for the iPhone 7 looked to be wrapped around an iPhone 6s when you could see the handset. This suggests the size will be very similar.

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The screen protector, which is designed to stick over the front of a phone to make the glass more sturdy, shows two sensor holes above the front microphone instead of one.

There are reports of some iPhone 6s models having two sensor holes, but this is very rare and we're not 100 per cent sure as to why. Nor can we work out why Apple would want two sensors on a new device rather than the usual one.

We do advise an element of caution in believing that these are genuinely for an iPhone 7. Indeed, since the event we have received a statement from Cygnett that claims there might have been confusion on the day, and it seems to clarify some of our own doubts.

"We showed iPhone 6 cases to demonstrate the materials that we will use on the iPhone 7," the statement reads.

"We at no time showed physical examples of what would be a case for any intended handset as we do not have such an item.

"Also, all the screen protectors we had on the booth were for iPhone 6 and Samsung S7. We showed new 3D Screen protectors which were for iPhone 6 and we stated we would use this technology on handsets moving forward.

"So in summary we only showed renders of new products in print form but all items on the stand were for iPhone 6 and S7 Edge and not for any handset yet to be launched."

Whatever you choose to believe, we very much doubt this will be the last iPhone 7 leak or rumour we'll see or hear on the build up to a possible September launch.

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