The Apple iPhone 7, the current Holy Grail of leaks, has appeared in apparent real world photos showing it clearly at last. We say at last, the phone is due out until September, so this is pretty early leakage.

Apple's iPhone 7 is the handset that's allegedly shown off in the above photo, pictured in hand from the rear. The leaked photo comes from Chinese social network Weibo, as most seem to these days. As you can see from the photo, in the above gallery, this handset looks very similar to a leaked render already out there.

The photo of the iPhone 7 shows the usual Apple logo etched in the all metal rear. What's new are top and bottom white bumpers which may be due to redesigned antennas, claim nowhereelse. The big reveal is the camera.

The camera lens appears to feature a multi angle lens shield which protrudes from the device, rather than a smooth finish. Of course this could just be a poor Photoshop job making this a fake. Also featured is a flash that isn't the usual white but has a black finish – although this could simply be an unfinished shell. Some internal components are also shown off, in the gallery above.

The Apple iPhone 7 is expected to appear on the company's yearly release cycle for September.

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