Google has officially unveiled Google Home, its rival device to the Amazon Echo.

It is voice controlled through a new technology Google now calls Google Assistant. It basically allows you to speak normally and it understands commands in context. It also learns as you use it more.

Google Home can play and control music throughout the house, through connected streaming services and home media that will start when you ask. Even iOS phones will be compatible, as well as Android.

It can also be used to control what TV or streamed video you watch, much like a Chromecast.

You can also just text friends and family, book restaurants, cabs through Uber and many other third-party uses.

But most of all, Google hopes you use it to ask the software giant's search engine many questions. It will essentially answer everything you throw at it, and using Google Assistant you can then follow up questions with further contextual queries.

The main Google Home unit is small and sleek. It can fit the decor of any room because the base can be swapped and therefore change colour thanks to a number of accessories that will also be available at launch.

It is coming later this year. Pricing it yet to be announced.