There’s no end to the website-building programs available on the market, but most often, you get what you pay for on low-end services.

Dragie v2 Website Builder is a noteworthy alternative, however, offering a range of customizable tools for your websites with built-in, ready-made HTML sections. For a limited time on Pocket-lint Deals, you can pick up a lifetime subscription to Dragie v2 Website Builder for just £27.41 ($39).

Kick off your site-building adventure with confidence, choosing from over 16 production-ready and fully compatible Bootstrap themes, with 30+ elements and modules such as login forms, navigation bars and more. The in-built code editor allows you to customize your site with detail, breaking down each step along the way with live page editing so you can preview changes in real time. You’ll have full customization options in Text, CSS & JavaScript editors, and you can easily export your site in HTML to host wherever you like.

Check out the video below for live-action examples of the quick, intuitive steps involved in creating your own webpage.

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