Nissan today revealed that it is entering the home power storage market with the launch of xStorage.

Teaming up with Eaton - a power management company - the xStorage steps into the same space as the Tesla Powerwall, aiming to provide a domestic power reserve via the use of batteries.

The Nissan xStorage can be connected to the mains or to renewable energy sources, allowing you to store power for when you need it. If charging from the mains, the xStorage can take its power off-peak when prices are lower, offering that stored energy for use at times of high demand. 

However, many will look to the xStorage to help reduce dependency on the grid, taking its change from solar or other renewable sources, while still allowing energy surplus to be returned to the grid. It also brings the added advantage of offering a power reserve if there's a power failure.

Nissan says that the idea behind xStorage is partly to provide a "second life" for batteries that have already been used in the company's electric vehicles, claiming that its experience in automotive use means a nicely designed box, and reliable battery performance.

Customers will get smartphone connectivity to easily control the xStorage, and the price will be £3200, including complete installation and cabling, for a 4.2KWh battery. 

Mercedes-Benz also offers a home battery, in what looks like a growing range of alternative power solutions. 

There's no word on exactly when you'll be able to buy into the Nissan xStorage system, but it expects to install 100,000+ over the next 5 years.