This year has already seen some excellent smartphones launch and no doubt there will be a few more to follow. We've already seen Samsung's fabulous Galaxy S7 and S7 edge hit the shelves, Apple introduce a new 4-incher in the iPhone SE, HTC step back into the game with the HTC 10 and LG go modular.

You don't have to buy brand new to end up with a great smartphone though. Yes the smartphones from 2016 will be faster and more feature-rich than those of 2015, but last year still had some amazing devices well worthy of attention, especially if you don't have the budget for a brand new handset.

Why spend the best part of £600 on a brand new smartphone when you could get a fully refurbished device from 2015 that features new parts, a warranty and quality assurance? Yeah, we can't think of a particularly good reason either.

Instead, we have listed some of the best handsets from 2015 that are available on musicMagpie for a lot less than they were when they launched. We are talking savings over a couple of hundred in some cases so head to the gallery to see how much you could save by opting for last year's awesome smartphones instead.

MusicMagpie offers a 12-month warranty on all mobile phones, as well as free delivery on all orders. It is an online recycling service that buys and sells gadgets so you can also make money too if you have some old gadgets to get rid of. All devices sold by musicMagpie have all broken or damaged parts replaced and they are all quality assured.

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