The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 may not arrive alone but as part of a trio, including an affordable Lite model.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Lite should accompany the main handset and potentially a curved variant too. That Lite name usually means a smaller screen and far weaker specs but in this case it appears pretty decent.

The Galaxy Note 6 Lite, according to a Weibo leak, lists a handset the same size as the main smartphone at 5.8-inches but with a lower resolution 1080p display, rather than QHD. Also taking a hit is the processor which should be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 rather than the main phone's 823. This will be backed by 4GB of RAM rather than the reported 6GB that the lead Note 6 should feature. There is also thought to be a 4000mAh battery onboard.

While these are indeed Lite name worthy specs, when compared with the lead Galaxy Note 6 expectations, they're not bad. That's still a large and decent screen with lots of RAM and a fast processor. If Samsung can manage to offer a great build quality, include an S Pen and all its productivity smarts, while keeping the price low, it could be a very appealing handset indeed.

Of course all of this is still rumour and we'll have to wait until the expected unveil in August or September to find out what Samsung really has planned for the next step for phablets.

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