From photos to videos, games to podcasts and beyond, iPhone storage space diminishes faster than we’d like.

Enter iSafe Drive Lite, a compact drive that plugs straight into your iOS device and offers an extra 32GB of storage space - as well as 256-bit AES encryption to keep private documents secure. For a limited time it’s just £47.91 (U.S. $69) on Pocket-lint Deals, with a 64GB option as well.

iSafe is the perfect solution for those of us who aren’t crazy about putting our sensitive data in the cloud, or who would rather not suffer sluggish operation due to our sizable music libraries.

iSafe Drive Lite lets you carry music and photos in your pocket! Your iSafe device has a Lightning connector on one end and a USB port on the other for connecting to your Mac or PC. You can transfer data to and from the stick at 8MB per second, flicking the switch to choose which port should be active.

The first-ever MFi-certified storage drive built for iOS, iSafe also shares Apple’s sleek design aesthetic, with a minimalist shell that can easily fit in your pocket.

Pick up the iSafe Drive Lite now to save 25 per cent from Pocket-lint Deals.