Apple is working on the Apple Watch 2 and reportedly planning to add at least two things that'll make the new watch stand out from its predecessor.

Apple unveiled its original smartwatch, called Apple Watch, in September 2014, but it didn't begin shipping the wrist wearable until April 2015. Many people therefore didn't expect Apple to announce a second-generation version during the iPhone 6S event in September 2015 - and they were right. The new watch also didn't show up at the March 2016 event.

Instead, Apple in March cut the price for the least-expensive version of the watch (Sport Watch model) by $50 to $299. But don't think Apple has given up on updating its aging wearable. According to The Wall Street Journal, analysts estimate the Apple Watch is a $6 billion business, and so Apple is definitely working on a new version with new features.

One of those new features might be cell-network connectivity. Apple Watch 2 could also come with a faster processor. Many critics have lambasted the now year-old Apple Watch because it's not useful when away from an iPhone. You can track activity and do some things on Wi-Fi, but that's it. And its processor is sometimes throttled to extend battery life.

With cellular data on the new Apple Watch, you could presumably leave your iPhone at home, then go out and about, and still receive notifications and run native apps. A faster processor would also make the Apple Watch 2 run smoother, quicker than Apple Watch. Unfortunately, there's no word yet on when we can expect this new watch.

We also don't know if a cellular Apple Watch will cost more than a standard model without cellular data. Check out Pocket-lint's Apple Watch 2 round-up for more details on leaks, etc.