There is an amazing line-up of TV shows and series coming our way on streaming services soon and throughout 2017. Twin Peaks is returning after a long time and new series of Preacher and Game of Thrones are coming up fast. And, of course, there's all-new Star Trek.

However, they're not the only big shows that we're looking forward to. There are plenty of other new seasons of our favourites or even all-new shows on the horizon. And they will all be available to watch online, through catch-up, on demand or livestream services.

That's why we've put together a handy guide to the shows that will be with us in the coming months, listed in chronological order so that you can ensure you get your fill of the top action.

  • Where to watch it: Amazon Prime Video
  • On air date: 1 May

Like Preacher (and many other shows these days) American Gods is based on the writings of a comic book scribe. Neil Gaiman is one of the comic industry's greatest, especially for his run on Sandman, but this series is actually adapted from a novel published in 2001.

Ian "Lovejoy" McShane and Gillian Anderson are among the star-studded cast and Amazon has the exclusive screening rights.

Showtime / Sky AtlanticTwin Peaks
  • Where to watch it: Sky Atlantic / Now TV
  • On air date: 22 May

Sky Atlantic will screen the first episode of Twin Peaks long-awaited return at 2am on the morning of 22 May, in order to match the US showing. Those hoping to avoid spoilers on social media will be able to stream it on Now TV (or Sky Q or Sky Go) from that time.

There are so many questions we want answered about Bob's return to Twin Peaks and why. We have to pinch ourselves that David Lynch has finally found a way to make it happen.

NetflixStar Trek Discovery
  • Where to watch it: Netflix
  • On air date: May

Due to be screened in the States from May, the rights to new TV series Star Trek: Discovery were snapped up by Netflix for regions outside the US and Canada.

We have a lot of hope for the first Star Trek series in more than a decade, especially as showrunner Bryan Fuller is on board. He has previously worked on a whole host of great US TV shows, including Heroes, Hannibal and Star Trek: Voyager.

  • Where to watch it: Amazon Prime Video
  • On air date: 26 June

The second series of the TV show based on Garth Ennis' and Steve Dillon's comic books is coming this summer, which we hope will do as much justice to the works of artist Dillon as the first. He sadly passed away at the end of 2016.

A lot of the premiere series strayed from the comics, but it retained the madcap, adult heart. We can't wait to see the further adventures of Jessie, Tulip and Cassidy.

HBO / Sky Atlanticcover-101
  • Where to watch it: Sky Atlantic / Now TV
  • On air date: 17 July

Winter is finally here... in July. Like Twin Peaks, the first episode will be simulcast with its Stateside equivalent so you'll have to be awake in the early hours of the morning of Monday 17 July.

Alternatively, just watch it on demand on Now TV, Sky Go or Sky Q anytime that day.

  • Where to watch it: Amazon Prime Video
  • On air date: 25 August

Another series based on a comic book, the new run of The Tick follows a successful pilot already available on Amazon. It was also made into a short-lived series in the early 2000s.

Let's hope this outing for the useless eponymous superhero, played by Peter Serafinowicz fares better. Amazon has the lot exclusively.

  • Where to watch it: BBC iPlayer
  • On air date: October

After a cliff-hanging end to the third series, the fourth can't come soon enough.

It started filming in March so it is said we'll get new episodes this autumn - most likely October. There are also rumours that a fifth and final series featuring the Shelbys is being filmed at the same time.

  • Where to watch it: Netflix
  • On air date: TBC

Season 2 of Stranger Things is expected to hit Netflix later this year although an actual date is yet to be determined.

Needless to say, it will continue the adventures of Eleven and the boys, but this time with a larger, more scary monster. Ooooo...

  • Where to watch it: Sky Atlantic / Now TV
  • On air date: TBC

We don't know for sure that this will screen in 2017, but Larry David confirmed a ninth season of the mostly improvised comedy in June last year, so it's got a good chance.

There will also be a 10th season, it is said, but after that it's over sadly.

  • Where to watch it: Netflix
  • On air date: TBC

Although we don't quite know when it'll air - although it should be this year - Netflix ordered a 10 episode season of She's Gotta Have It, based on the 1986 feature film by Spike Lee.

Lee himself serves as executive producer and will direct each of the 30-minute episodes.

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