Looking for privacy and anonymity online? Fed up with blocked websites and geo-restrictions on streaming while traveling?

The solution is VPNGhost, a service which allows private, high-speed and unrestricted internet use, masking your IP address so your online presence cannot be intercepted, monitored or recorded. For a limited time, a VPNGhost Lifetime Subscription is only £17.70 ($25) on Pocket-lint Deals.

The reality of Internet access unfettered by bandwidth limits or data caps is finally upon us, where you’re able to operate online at high speeds due to VPNGhost’s 1Gbps uplink connection. VPNGhost’s server list gives you over a dozen server options around the world to optimize your experience online.

Secure web activity is crucial in today’s hacker-heavy world, and VPNGhost doesn’t leave security to chance. It offers 256-Bit AES encryption, and a robust SHA-512 for data authentication – all over the OpenVPN protocol.

Best of all? Even VPNGhost doesn’t keep logs of your activity, rendering it truly anonymous. Your IP addresses remain hidden as well, and the only data VPNGhost does take from its user base is payment information during your initial purchase (which, by the way, can be removed at any time if you request). Your data is completely protected from anyone other than yourself--guaranteed.

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