Aspiring stunt fliers, have we got great news for you. These two great SKEYE drone deals will get you airborne in no time, with easy-to-learn flight methods and guaranteed flying fun.

SKEYE Nano Drone: £24.07 ($34)

The world’s smallest quadcopter couldn’t possibly be more fun - or affordable. If you’ve never flown a drone before, the learning curve couldn’t be easier with the SKEYE Nano. Ready to fly straight out of the box, this high-thrust lightweight drone is perfect for stunt flying, with a 6-axis flight control system enabling banked turns, flips and figure eights - quick adaptations even for rookie pilots.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced flight modes assure a confident flying experience through the 7-10 minute total flight time per charge, with a flight range of up to 50 meters. At night, the LED lights are great for a little UFO speculation among friends, while crash landings are a bit less scary with 4x spare rotors included.

Pick up your own Skeye Nano Drone for just £24.07 ($34) on Pocket-lint Deals.

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SKEYE Hexa Drone: £28.31 ($39.99)

A big brother to the SKEYE Nano, the SKEYE Hexa Drone is a next-generation drone with jaw-dropping stunt-flying capabilities. Ensuring a comfortable flying experience, Hexa delivers ultimate control with enhanced stability thanks to the six-axis flight control system.

Everyone from beginners to stunt-flying champions will love the Hexa, which fits into the palm of your hand and is ready to fly right out of the box. The three-level adjustable controller provides extra sensitivity for beginners, mid-level users and experts. The adjustable gyro sensitivity will make the drone’s aerobatic functionality a no-brainer, and you’re protected against crashes with propeller bumpers.

Additionally, the Hexa’s bright LED lights make for endless adventurous night-flying fun.

Get the SKEYE Hexa Drone for just £28.31 ($39.99) on Pocket-lint Deals.