The Amazon Kindle was launched with one real aim: to bring people books. The Kindle was never designed to compete with tablets and sticking to this principle has allowed the Kindle to evolve through to the present day and excel at its task. 

The Kindle has remained one of our favourite devices. Where tablets, phones, PCs and TVs have seen radical changes, the technology and the functions of the Kindle have remained true to task, but evolving in pace with technology.

The Kindle gives you access to digital books and provides the best method for reading them and that's the guiding principle that drives the Kindle on. It's about reading, reading and reading. It's a tool for a single job, not a tool for many (there's the Kindle Fire for that, which we're ignoring here.) 

We've been looking over the archives of Kindle history, from Amazon's original ebook reader, through to its brand new, premium, Oasis, to pick out the important steps in the Kindle's journey.

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