Although Amazon confirmed it is working on a "top of the line" e-reader that'll kick off an 8th-generation of Kindles, we've only now been graced with a full leak that includes not only specs but also pictures and even a product page.

According to Liliputing, which spotted a listing from Chinese retail outlet TMall, the next Kindle will be called Kindle Oasis. It features a wedge-shaped design for an ergonomic grip and to presumably support a battery as well as built-in page turn buttons on one side of the screen, but it also has an accelerometer that reportedly allows the screen to auto-rotate 180 degrees so that the buttons will be on either the left or right side.

Amazon, which makes the Kindle-brand of e-readers and tablets, announced recently that it will introduce a new Kindle sometime in mid April. Jeff Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon, revealed the news on Twitter, explaining the upcoming model will be a new, eighth-generation of Kindle products. Kindle Voyage, which released in October 2014, led the 7th generation of Kindles.

The Wall Street Journal followed up Bezos' tweet with a report about the "higher-end Kindle," claiming it will release with a rechargeable protective case for extended battery life. It'll be removable and should allow the Kindle to be thinner than earlier devices. Amazon is also working on a solar-powered battery case, but that likely won't be released anytime soon. All this information is unconfirmed at the moment.

That said, Liliputing has claimed Amazon will offer a leather case with a built-in battery for several extra months of battery life (it's included and comes in the colours black, brown, and red). There’s also a flip cover that can protect the screen when you’re not using the Kindle. Speaking of that screen, it sports 300 pixels per inch and an LED backlight. The e-reader also measures between 3.4mm and 8.5mm thick.

It weighs about 131 grams (less than 5 ounces) too. If you're interested in Amazon's next Kindle device, keep checking this Amazon page, as Liliputing claimed it'll eventually go live as the main product page.