The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is set to come with the same IP68 water resistance found on the Galaxy S7, it may also feature an iris scanner.

According to sources of the often reliable Sam Mobile, the Galaxy Note 6 should be able to withstand water submersion to one and a half metres depth for up to half an hour. That would make this the first phablet from Samsung to offer true water and dust resistance.

Sources of GalaxyClub suggest the handset will also feature an iris scanning camera for an extra layer of security. The iris scanner was spotted on Indian import documents labeled "Samsung Mobile".

Iris scanning can be great, when it uses infrared light like Fujitsu has shown off, but it can also be annoying when it uses dazzling light, like on the Lumia 950. Here's hoping Samsung goes for the more advanced option that works without blinding the user.

Other rumoured specs for the Galaxy Note 6 include a 5.8-inch QHD display, 6GB of RAM and maybe even the latest Android N operating system. Samsung may unveil the handset around August, which is the month when the Galaxy Note 5 was shown off.

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