HTC will finally unveil the HTC 10 flagship smartphone on 12 April at its "#Powerof10" events around the globe, which is just around the corner. But that hasn't stopped it teasing the device's capabilities on the build up.

The latest is in the form of a short video that trails the phone's camera abilities. It's also cunningly timed considering a major rival launched its own flagship device yesterday. The Huawei P9's most-talked about new feature is also camera-related, so we could soon see a major face-off on which device can provide the best photographic results.

Certainly HTC's boast in the video clip posted on its Twitter feed sets things up for an interesting scrap: "We're obsessed with providing you with the best ever smartphone for shooting photos and videos."

With Huawei partnering with Leica and providing two different sensors inside its latest device, HTC will have to go some.

Rumours have it that the HTC 10 will have laser autofocus, much like the P9, and a 12-megapixel sensor with 1.55µm pixels. And while that might be true, according to a hint in the video, HTC will continue with the UltraPixel naming convention. It will also definitely have optical image stabilisation and the ability to shoot 4K video - but then, most phones do these days.

You can be sure that the moment we get our hands on one, we'll be testing the camera against the Huawei P9 (and other rivals) to find out which really is the "best ever smartphone for shooting photos and videos".

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