Today is the day to be cautious when sharing exciting new stories from your social media feeds, if you don't want to be labelled the fool this April.

April Fools' Day has well and truly taken the internet by storm with big companies like Samsung, Sony, Barclays and Ford all getting involved. Expect plenty of pranks for the 2016 April Fools' Day too as it's fast becoming an annual online tradition for tech companies.

So if you want a laugh, or want to separate the real from the ridiculous, check below. We've compiled all the tech related April Fool's Day stories that have been unleashed on the world today so you don't have to look elsewhere.

Get ready for a good laugh, with plenty of pranks to share and fool others with. Check below for all the best pranks of the day and be sure to keep coming back as we'll be updating throughout the day as more get unleashed.

Imagine a pair of trousers with Wi-Fly that can intelligently alert you to a low fly via your smartphone. Or pressure sensors that get you moving after detecting you've been sitting too long. How about a system that detects when your waist tension is too tight and locks the fridge? The Samsung Internet of Trousers can do all that and will even track heart rate and blood pressure to remind you to keep your trousers on when things get hot and heavy, but you've set them to help you stay in control.

Sometimes games can be too real. That's when back-up needs to be called in. We don't want to ruin the fun of this video so won't say anything more. Watch and enjoy.


Honda has chosen today to show off a world first, the emoji number plate. This is aimed at its younger buyers who want to express more than the numbers and letters on the front of their car can currently offer.

The Honda Civic Type-R is shown with the new plates. Honda is in talks with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) with plans to have these emoji plates on the roads by 2017.

Perhaps in time for next April Fools' day?


Tweeted by Santander, the Santandems bike needed a double take. Yup, they've managed to clone Jensen Button it seems.

Great timing and a wonderful way to help launch their new London rental bikes for pairs. Now we want to see the two Buttons race head to head on separate bikes.

PimmsPimms o clock

You've heard of Pimms o'clock before, but if you were unsure of exactly when that is, London's Big Ben may now be able to help.

The drinks company has taken over the face of Big Ben, as shown off in a news report from Peter Sissons himself. So, you know, it's gotta be real.

Google's Cardboard virtual reality headset that turns a phone into a world warping experience has long been rumoured to get a plastic upgrade.

It appears this isn't quite what we were expecting. Check out the video to see how reality can be included in Cardboard too. It doesn't look much sillier than Google Glass to be honest.

Music on the go still hasn't been perfected. Earphones, headphones, vibrating bone conduction audio - none of it has nailed it.

The solution is here: a flying speaker. How this hasn't been done before we can't fathom. Ideal for sharing with everyone around you too - but still probably less sound bleed than standard Apple earphones.

Watch out Domino's employees, a robot with a pizza cutting arm is coming for your jobs.

Also, if the Domimaker (as it's called) were to get out of control, probably your limbs would be in danger of a good slicing too. Still, if it means getting better cut pizza faster it's worth the risk, right?

If you've been on YouTube today you might have noticed the small icon at the bottom which looks like a profile of Snoop Dogg, because it is.

Hit that SnoopaVision icon and you'll be taken into a world of virtual reality videos where you can enjoy YouTube greats as if you were in the room watching with Snoop Dogg. Although this is just an April Fool, we applaud the effort. It's worth watching some of the videos just for Snoop's commentary.

If you thought ordering take away couldn't get much easier, you need to try the mind controlled Deliveroo.

The only problem is you'll have to concentrate really hard if you want to be healthy.

Arsenal's famous Emirates Stadium is due for an overhaul thanks to Citroën.

A new material "sunroof" will be installed on the stadium for 2017. As the players attest in the above video it should allow for weather control to help improve player performance. Maybe there's a little too much gooning around going on here.


Remember the Proton Pack from The Ghostbusters films? Sony has made one.

Sony says: "Superconducting temperatures are maintained by a liquid helium reservoir, and an active cryocooler ensures that operational time vastly exceeds that available from a cryogen dewar alone".

On top of all that fancy ghost capturing tech it'll even pack in a Sony Cyber-Shot RX camera, Short Throw 4K projector and Stamina battery mode - ideal for winding down after a day of ghost hunting.


The company behind home furniture shopping of the future has come up with its own line of smart furniture. Not only are the items spacially aware, to offer placement advice, but they track changes too. The furniture will be able to alert the home owner to dirt build up, smudges and even wrinkles.

The furniture is interactive so, Houzz says, "spending time with your furniture is like being with friends".


Sometimes the one thing you need to send you off to the land of nod at night is the sound of an intergalactic space vessel. Search no further.

ThinkGeek has come up with a device that will replicate (heh) up to eight sounds from five different spacecraft. It will even project a moving star field onto your ceiling to really lull you off to sleep.

First Directfirst-direct

Save Zap is a new wearable from First Direct capable of recognising a wearer's location and zapping them when they get too close to a shop they've set as a no go area.

Simple, yet painfully effective.

Never slip up in the shower again with the Shower Belt. Not only will the belt suction-attach to the shower walls at three anchor points, to avoid falling, but it'll double as a tool belt too.

Load up with your shower gel, razor, shampoo and anything else you can cram into the Shower Belt and, even with all that weight, you don't need to worry about falling. Good luck cleaning your waist area though.


Walking and staying connected are not friends. Pesky pedestrians, roads and cars can all get in the way of a nice stroll with your head down in your phone - or they did until now.

The i-Dodge from Firebox is a slimline case designed to alert the user to pedestrians. The unit has a built-in flashing light which will illuminate to make sure you don't walk into a potential collision. Safety and multi-tasking functionality all for £50? Worth it.


Worry about a noisy bed partner no more, thanks to Sealy's new Snore Blocker.

Specifically tuned to activate when it detects snoring this devices "uses technology" to create a sound barrier that blocks up to 90 per cent of snore noises.


What better way to keep motivated when at the gym than have a personal trainer built into your kicks? That's what these trainers do thanks to built-in speakers that shout tips as you train. But there's more.

The laces can't be removed until 2000 calories have been burned, plus there's a projector to display over 100 workouts for you to follow. Watch out personal trainers, you've got some serious competition... or you would if it were actually serious.

Bathstore has come up with an app that will help drown out the noise of going to the toilet.

Save water by leaving the noisy taps off and let the Silent Loo app do the work while you let rip. Hey, toilet humour is still funny, right?


Naked selfies are all the rage, apparently. So Groupon has got involved with its Starkers Stripes that can be worn to cover those more sensitive areas.

It's currently offering buy one get one free, ideal for those that need a little more coverage.


An ingenious idea from lets you virtually tour a hotel room before you decide to rent it.

We're actually kind of gutted this is just a prank - it's a great and useful idea and we'd love to see the carpet stains and shower room mildew we're treating ourselves to in advance.


Samsung has chosen today to reveal on Twitter a kinetic charging device that can attach to its phones.

Using movement and a handy winding crown your handset can be charged using movement alone thanks to the ExoKinetic. If only.

What's the best way to deliver a package via the air? No, not just drones, but parachutes.

Google Express has come up with some tech to make tech seem more techy and that tech will deliver things like tech to you. How? You'll have to watch to the end to find out.


Facebook's founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, once said about wearing the same clothes each day: "I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community".

H&M has taken that to heart and now offers a Zuck style range that features one pair of blue jeans and seven grey t-shirts, leaving you all set for the week.

Voucher codes are great for online shopping, but how can we get at them when out and about? By strapping a VR headset on and having them crop up as we walk by shops, of course. That's the idea myvouchercodes has anyway. From watching the video we can't possibly imagine how this won't catch on.