Ready to finally be free of endless headphone cord tangles? The MMOVE Stereo Earbuds offer great Bluetooth sound without the labyrinth cord headache, and stay attached in the most trying of conditions. Right now, they’re on offer for 49 per cent off via Pocket-lint Deals.

Considering these earbuds have an internal rechargeable battery that offers six hours of playback, they are incredibly lightweight at just over half an ounce. Along with the sweatproof casing, this makes the MMOVEs great for sport activity, no matter what your passion may be. To help keep them in place, you get optional earhooks, and multiple sizes of tips for a snug fit.

To isolate the outside world even further, the ‘buds utilize CVC 6.0 Noise Reduction technology. Music controls are built into the earpieces, and a microphone lets you take calls. Helpfully, this headset can connect to two devices at the same time, so you don’t have to disconnect your MP3 player to talk hands-free.

Pick up your own set of MMOVE Earbuds for just £22.11 ($31.99) with free shipping around the world, from Pocket-lint Deals.