Amazon Echo has been getting so much attention lately that Amazon decided to launch new models of the connected speaker last month, and now Google apparently thinks it can do better or at least steal some of the spotlight away.

According to The Information, Google is working on a similar device meant for the home. The report described the device as a "secret Google project", and it's supposed to directly compete with Echo. There's no other information about what it might feature or when it'll release, as the report is mostly about how Nest isn't doing so well since being acquired by Google roughly two years ago.

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Nest hasn't exactly rolled out a massive product lineup since joining Google. Still, it allegedly wanted to be involved with the new project. The Google team spearheading the whole thing denied the company's request however. Nest was once thought to be the future of Google's smart home efforts, but its grand plans appear stalled, as it can't even get access to this speaker.

We're assuming Google's Amazon Echo-like device is a speaker of course - and that it'll include Alexa-type functionality. It would certainly be interesting to finally see a voice assigned to Google Now or some sort of voice control that works with Google's personal assistant.

Either way, we might hear more at this year's I/O conference in May... Or not, as this is all just a juicy rumour for now.