The new Apple iPhone SE is now available. 

The new handset refreshes the design of the iPhone 5S, sticking to a smaller 4-inch form factor, but is packed with powerful internals to match the iPhone 6S. It's small, but powerful, and importantly, it's the cheapest iPhone in the family. 

It comes in 16 and 64GB versions and in a choice of silver, gold, space grey or rose gold. Pre-orders have opened, so it's available to buy from a number of retailers. Not all have opened up their deals yet, but we will update as more details are announced.

Unlike other smartphones, there are no free gifts handed out with the iPhone, so it's all about the cash and what you get for your money. 

You can buy the iPhone SE direct from Apple SIM free, leaving you free to choose your own talk plan direct with the network of your choice. 

The 16GB iPhone SE will cost you £359. The 64GB iPhone SE will cost you £439.

Click here to order direct from Apple.

The cheapest month plan on EE is £27.48, but you're asked for £49.99 upfront for a 16GB iPhone SE, and you only get 500MB of data. The total cost of this option is £709.51. 

However, it's better to opt for the £29.99 a month tariff on a 16GB iPhone SE, getting you 1GB of data. It will cost you £719.76 over 24-months, so only £10 more than EE's cheapest option, for double the data. 

If you're after the larger capacity iPhone SE, you can get the 6GB model with no upfront payment, for £39.99, with 2GB data, however, you're paying £959.76 over 2 years for this. 

Click here to order from EE.

With £9 upfront for the 16GB iPhone SE and £34 a month, you get 2GB of data. That's a total of £825 over 24 months. 

If you're after more data, the with £9 upfront on the 16GB model, a £39 a month plan will get you 6GB of data, for £945 over 24 months. 

For the 64GB model and £9 upfront you can pay £40 a month for 2GB data, paying £969 over 2 years.

Click here to order from Vodafone.

Carphone Warehouse has lots of deals in lots of combinations. If you're after a really cheap iPhone SE deal, then for nothing upfront and £26 a month you can get a 500MB plan with a 16GB handset on Vodafone. 

That's a little limited, however, so you'd probably prefer to pay £59.99 upfront for the 16GB iPhone SE and keep monthly payments to £26. Over the course of 2 years you'll pay £683.99, but with 3GB of data on Vodafone, which looks like a hot deal. 

For the 64GB model, take a look at paying £69 upfront and taking a reasonable £31 a month plan on Vodafone. This bags you 7GB of data, for £813 over 24 months. 

For not much more you can get the 64GB iPhone SE with nothing upfront, on a £36 a month deal for 11GB of data. It costs £864 over 2 years.

Click here to order from Carphone Warehouse.

Three has a range of options on the iPhone SE and none have a upfront cost. For the iPhone SE 16GB you can pay £31 a month on a 2-year contract and get 1GB of data and unlimited calls and messages, that's £744 over the 2-year contract. If that's not enough data, stepping up to £34 a month will net you 2GB of data, and £37 a month will get you 4GB.

If you want the 64GB iPhone SE, the you're looking at £36 a month for 1GB of data (£864 over 2 years). Again, if you want more data, you can step up to 2GB for £39 a month or £42 a month for 4GB (£1008 over 2 years).

Click here to order from Three.

Giff Gaff hasn't revealed its pay monthly plans yet, but we have worked out how much you would pay across two years with its SIM-only deals if you bought the smartphone outright. 

The iPhone SE costs £359 for the 16GB model. For 1GB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts, it will cost you £10 a month with Giff Gaff, for a combined total of £599. 

For 6GB of data, 2000 minutes and unlimited texts, it will cost you £18 a month meaning a total of £791. 

If you're after the 64GB model, and you pay £439 for the handset, you'll then be looking at a total of £679 for the 1GB data deal.

Alternatively, if you're after 6GB of data, you'd pay a total of £871 for an iPhone SE 64GB over 2 years.

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