Many of your favorite websites are driven by Python, a widely-used general purpose programming language found everywhere on the web.

If the field of programming interests you as a career or just a hobby, the Ultimate Python Coding Bundle is the complete package to prepare you for success. Seven courses on Git, D3.js, Flask & more are available for a limited time to Pocket-lint readers at a full 88 per cent off.

Your instruction begins with the most basic fundamentals, then moves progressively into intermediate and advanced concepts to prepare you for complete success. You’ll conquer essential Python concepts that are extremely relevant in any tech career, regardless of your ambition. Learn to set up your development environment as you gain an understanding as to why engineers at startups like Dropbox rely on Python.

You’ll master use of the D3.js library in conjunction with responsive design principles and technologies, such as Bootstrap and Pym.js, and build your skills as you construct a responsive website to test your newfound knowledge.

From there, you’ll sharpen your development skills with Git, a distributed version control system which allows you to batch track the history of your file edits, and to identify when and where your code has changed.

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