Apps can get boring. Like anything you do on repeat, the monotony of seeing another baby on Facebook, when they all look the same, can get to you. That's where hidden Easter egg gems come in useful.

An Easter egg, not to be mistaken for the chocolate kind, is a hidden treat within a piece of software that was put there by the developers. When DVDs first landed there were hidden sections in the menu that led to things like deleted scenes that couldn't be seen without finding them.

Now the internet, smartphones and apps mean there are more Easter eggs hidden than could ever be found by one person. But that's not going to stop us trying, right?

We've got together some of the best Easter eggs out there for you to find, enjoy and share. And by share we mean show off to your mates that you found it. Yes, we're ready to not get the credit. So from Facebook to Google to your smartphone, these are the best hidden gems waiting to be found.

Pocket-lintBasketball game

Bored of chatting to your mates in Facebook Messenger? Both impress and escape them in one move, by unlocking the hidden basketball game.

Send the basketball emoji in a chat window, then tap on the icon to start the game. It's that simple. Your mate can play by tapping the same icon and after you finish he sees your high score and vice versa for his. Warning, it can get competitive. Be sure you're updated to the latest version to ensure it works.


Hidden in the depths of your smartphone's Android operating system is a Flappy Bird style game staring the Android bot himself.

Go into Settings on the Android phone, then About device where it will say the software version, like Android 5.1.1. Tap this a few times until you see a lollipop, press and hold this to enter the game then tap the screen to start. Each time you tap the Android is raised and falls when you don't. Get as far as you can without hitting the obstacles, or getting hopelessly addicted or enraged.


Google has already mapped the earth in massive detail so why not make exploring it more fun? Rather than clicking about Google Earth to navigate you can now unlock a built in flight simulator that lets you fly the globe as if you were really a pilot.

To unlock the flight sim simply open Google Earth and on a PC type Ctrl-Alt A or on a Mac use Cmd-Opt A, pick a plane and get flying either using a joystick or with the guidance of the Google Earth keyboard controls help page.


This Easter egg will turn the entire YouTube page into one giant Harlem Shake.

In YouTube type in "Harlem Shake" as if you were looking for the video then wait a beat and the song will start playing. Wait a little longer, for the drop, and all the videos and words and icons will start dancing about as if they're in their very own Halrem Shake video.

Google Imagegoogle-atari-breakout

Play your very own Atari style game of Pong within a Google images search.

Type "Atari Breakout" into the Google search bar then click Images to make it that kind of search. All the Atari images will shrink down into a line, a paddle board will appear at the bottom and a ball will begin bouncing about. Use the keyboard to play and be sure to have the volume on to enjoy the old skool sound effects.


Hidden at the bottom of Kickstarter is a way to receive a secret newsletter. Described as an "Happening email" it'll update you on "arts and culture in the Kickstarter universe and beyond".

Scroll to the bottom of the homepage then click on the scissors as they move across the page until the cut reveals a sign-up section.


Unlock a game where you control a tyrannosaurus rex by tapping space bar to make it jump over cactuses as the screen side-scrolls along.

To gain access to the highly addictive game just disconnect from Wi-Fi and type anything into the address bar. You'll be told you're disconnected, hit space bar and play away.


Back in the days of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 there was a small update rolled out which placed the Snapchat logo onto posters in the game. If you scanned it using your phone it began following Call of Duty on Snapchat. Then the company teased out videos which made nods to the game's sequel.

Sure enough the clues pointed towards Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 which is out now. A very cool way of marketing the new game but also something to look out for in future of Snapchat Easter eggs.


When it comes to the most creepy Easter egg, Grand Theft Auto V takes the crown.

If you go online within the game and find the "Who Killed Lonora Johnson" page you'll be able to navigate to "The Main Players" tab and then the link to "Another Violent Mystery: Blood On The Rocks". You'll see an old newspaper clipping about the death of a Joanne Cranley Evans. This mentions a location on the game map in the north east called Mount Gordo.

Travel there at night and you'll see a ghostly image of a woman on a rock. Going closer makes it vanish so use a scope to get a closer look. When you do go close you'll see a name in blood on the rock. Once it hits midnight the ghost and bloodstain will disappear permanently. Shudder.


While Instagram did have a cool Easter egg to turn your photos into ASCII, this appears to no longer work. But for fans of the Adult Swim cartoon Rik & Morty there's still plenty to enjoy. In fact there are a hefty 80 Instagram accounts linked to the show.

By following the various accounts fans can journey through the world of the show and beyond in what's called the Rickstaverse. These act like a game with hidden gems to be found in the various picture led worlds. Find one account, trawl the pictures and you'll likely find another account hidden within that leads to more.


Quite possibly the weakest Easter egg of all time. So it had to get a mention.

Type "Easter egg (media)" into Wikipedia and enter the article. Then follow the instructions in the caption of the image for, well, not much. Click on it to get the image treat. Nice to see they're trying though, right?