The big reveal of Apple's iPhone 7 isn't expected until September but the rumour mill is already up to speed with leaks dribbling out early.

The latest is a leaked case that potentially reveals details of the iPhone 7.

The purported iPhone 7 case was obtained by Sonny Dickson and shared with Unbox Therapy which has uploaded a video detailing the unit. Surprisingly quite a few details have been attained from the case.

The first obvious thing is that the iPhone 7 appears to be the same size and shape as the iPhone 6S as the current model fits in the case comfortably. The power and volume rocker buttons appear to be in the same place.

Unbox Therapyiphone-7-leak

Rather more telling is the space cut out for the camera. As you can see from the image above the case has a lot more space for a camera than the current model needs. As such rumours of a dual camera have some weight added to them. Huawei has revealed its next P9 will have dual cameras suggesting that's the way handsets are going.

Also claimed by the video is that the bottom of the case has space for a speaker, microphone and Lightning port but no headphone jack. While the image shows room for a headphone jack, this rumour of a headphone Lightning only connection does keep cropping up.

Expect to hear plenty more leading up to Apple's expected iPhone 7 announcement in September.

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Unbox Therapyiphone-7-leak-case-bottom