Apple's iPhone 7 has been kept more or less under wraps, ahead of its expected reveal later in the year around September time, until now. This leak has shown off what's claimed to be a dual camera module intended for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Dual cameras are expected to become the bar setting level in flagship smartphones this year. While Apple arguably takes it slow when it comes to upgrading its cameras, the iPhone 7 Plus may be ploughing ahead with an Apple smartphone first.

Sources of Pocket Now based in Taiwan have leaked the dual-lens camera module that they claim will appear in the iPhone 7 Plus. There is no word on it being in the standard iPhone 7 though. The source claims that the camera will be a first for the way it works.

The dual-camera will shoot one 12-megapixel standard focal length photo while the other lens will shoot a 12-megapixel shot in telephoto with up to three times zoom. That helps to explain the varying lens sizes shown in the module.

Apple recently bought Israeli start-up LinX which specialises in gathering camera depth information. This can allow for tricks like removing the subject from the background by gauging depth. It could conceivably also allow the phone the ability to scan real world objects into a virtual representation, or help to offer better depth for augmented reality applications.

Expect plenty more leaks before the likely September reveal of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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