We go to great lengths to protect our iPhones, often dealing with bulky, heavy cases which completely defeat the engineering miracles that went into such a slim design.

If you’d like to get your case back into relative phone form, the Peel iPhone Case is for you - and you can pick one up in your choice of colors for the 6/6S (Plus versions also available), at just £17.57 ($24.99) from Pocket-lint Deals.

Peel provides a tough layer of protection for your iPhone that won’t add weight or alter its appearance. Formed to fit your iPhone, the Peel case protects your protruding camera lens, with a maximum thickness of 0.35mm. There’s zero visibility, so you’re not a walking billboard for a brand.

Cases shouldn’t be expensive to start with (you’re paying enough for the phone), but at £17.57 ($24.99), the Peel is priced just right - it’s quite clearly the Goldilocks of iPhone cases. Shipping is free from Pocket-lint Deals.