While us mere mortals scrape at the earth for tiny morsels, two of Twitter's most prolific leakers have swung in and given us a veritable feast of HTC 10 leaks.

For those who follow the business of leaking smartphones via Twitter, there are two names fighting for supremacy. In one corner you have Steve Hemmerstoffer going by the name @onleaks and in the other corner Evan Blass tweeting under the name @evleaks.

These leakers extraordinaire have had plenty of spats in the past, but both have also delivered a rich supply of nuggets when it comes to future devices. The revealing of HTC's forthcoming handset emerged in hilarious fashion however. 

We reported earlier that @evleaks had dropped the name HTC 10 into play. We'd previously heard the codename HTC Perfume and we'd seen HTC using the "power of 10" tagline on its teaser campaign, but HTC 10 was a new name.

Then @onleaks revealed a number of photos of the HTC 10 in the wild: they're typical leaker photos of a prototype device, out of focus and with the identification stickers obscured. They appear to be shot with a backdrop of a brown mattress with no sheets. Talk about glamour.

No sooner had @onleaks revealed the handset's design through these photos, when @evleaks swings in with what looks like a full rendering of the HTC 10 from all sides.

This wonderful show of leaking one-upmanship serves us up a full design reveal of HTC's next handset.

We've seen the chamfering on the rear before, but both sets of images appear to confirm USB Type-C. The front of the handset looks very much like the HTC One A9, but with capacitive controls flanking the fingerprint sensor in the centre beneath the display. We saw capacitive controls like this on the One X9, but as many will have feared, there's no BoomSound speakers.

Both sets of photos also appear to reveal some aspects of the software, with what appears to be a redesigned messenger and dialler app icon. We suspect that HTC will continue to remove bulk from Sense 8.0, which this phone should launch with.

On the display of the @evleaks render we have the location New York and the date of 19 April, which may well be a potential release date.

It now feels like we have a full picture of HTC's forthcoming handset. We've been tracking the leaks for many months and you can read up on the rest of the story right here.

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