HTC didn't reveal a new flagship handset at Mobile World Congress, instead waiting until the closing days of the show before launching its teaser campaign using the moniker "power of 10".

So far we have had little indication as to what the new handset might be called, but now Evan Blass has ominously tweeted the name HTC 10.

That name might come as something of a surprise to people. It fits the "power of 10" campaign nicely so it's easy to make that link and there has been plenty of discussion about HTC not calling the phone the One M10.

We're pretty sure that the handset has been codenamed HTC Perfume through its development and many of us have fallen into calling it the HTC One M10 simply because it fits a progressive pattern over the past few years.

When HTC launched the HTC One name, then CEO Peter Chow took to the stage to outline that this was the future of HTC. That was back in 2012. The company then launched the One X, One S and One V confusing that message, and it wasn't until 2013 that the company launched a phone simply called HTC One.

That phone was what we now refer to as the M7 which was never meant to be a go to market name. HTC capitulated slightly with its next flagship, putting M8 in brackets, until in 2015 it launched its phone with the name HTC One M9. There's the feeling that naming has never really been clear, and shifting to 10 might be a move to correct that. 

Whether HTC is dropping the HTC One branding, or whether this is a move to drop the M naming isn't yet clear. However, we do know this phone is coming and we're expecting to hear a lot more over the next few weeks.

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