HTC, above and beyond any other manufacturer, has done more than its fair share of popularising Android. 

HTC was there at the beginning, producing some of the first Android handsets, the first Nexus handset, and launching the first handset that really added refinement to Google's new mobile operating system.

It's a company that's known for two things: design and its Sense user interface that is layered over the top of Android. The company hit it big, moving from OEM (i.e., making phones to order for other people) into a global mobile brand. 

That meteoric rise was followed by fall, bringing us to today's position where HTC stands as a warning to ambitious rising stars: the tide can turn quickly and when it does, the fall will be a hard one.

But along the way, HTC has delivered some outstanding handsets. Not all fully appreciated in the face of rising competition and wider exposure by other brands like Samsung, this is a brief history of some of HTC's most significant Android handsets, from the HTC Magic though to the anticipated HTC 10.

Click through the gallery and take a look, and be sure to let us know what your favourite HTC handset was and where you want HTC go next in the comments below.

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