We don't need the Golden Globes, Emmys or other TV award ceremonies to tell us that streaming TV shows have shifted the balance of television broadcasting in the last couple of years. But the fact that major, online-only series, such as House of Cards, Arrested Development, Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle, are scooping gongs left right and centre proves that streaming services are becoming significant players in the entertainment business.

Not only do they provide thousands of programmes and movies to watch on demand, they also make their own TV programming these days, rivalling the major networks in the UK and US. What's more, they are blinking good at it too.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video are jammed with a dizzying amount of original TV content, while Sky's Now TV service is the only way to watch some the satellite broadcaster's homemade and acquired series if you don't have Sky itself.

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That's why we've decided to round up some of the best content available across the different major subscription services - partly to help you choose what water cooler show you'd like to brag about to your friends, and partly to give you an idea of which service to subscribe to if you don't already.

We've focused mainly on the content available on the UK versions of each service, but in the case of Amazon and Netflix, much of it is available in the US too.

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All you need to do is flick through our gallery above to see all of our recommended shows and series, with explanations why they deserve to be in the running. Alternatively, you can hop straight to your streaming service of choice by clicking on the following links:

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Netflix was the first major streaming service to start an "Originals" program, where it funds and creates its own shows and movies. It also badges some programming as a Netflix Original for the UK market that might have appeared on US TV first. In most cases, it puts all episodes of a series ready for viewing from day one, as they become available. Occasionally though, such as with the new series of House of Cards and Better Call Saul, it will release them weekly.

Many if not all of the series listed are presented in 4K Ultra HD on compatible TVs or systems.

Season four of House of Cards is the most recent addition to the Netflix line-up - it starts on 4 March.

Kevin Spacey once again steps into the leather brogues of President Frank Underwood although this time his wife Claire (played by the ever brilliant Robin Wright) can potentially throw so many spanners in the works, the metaphorical house of cards could collapse in spectacular fashion.

The spin-off series proved in its first season that it can more than hold its own in comparison to parent show Breaking Bad, with Vince Gilligan showing there is far more to lawyer Jimmy McGill (soon to be renamed Saul Goodman) than we all originally thought.

Now the second season is progressing nicely on Netflix and we will find out more about his path to sleaziness by the time all 10 episodes have been made available.

Making a Murderer is a fascinating documentary series that is available to watch in its entirety on Netflix - all 10 60 minute episodes of it.

It follows the true crime case of Steven Avery, a man who spent 18 years in prison for a sexual assault he was later exonerated for after DNA evidence pointed towards another perpetrator. But after he filed a $36 million lawsuit for wrongful conviction, he was arrested for a murder that also seems suspicious.

Canned by Fox TV 10 years ago, Arrested Development made an incredible return thanks to Netflix and its Originals production scheme. Season four arrived on the streaming service in 2013 as an exclusive and remains one of the funniest, best series still available.

There will also be a fifth season debuting on Netflix later this year.

Prison-based comedy drama Orange is the New Black will be back for a fourth season in June, so you have time to catch up on the previous three.

Starring Taylor Schilling (Argo) as a 30-something sent to jail for drug smuggling, the show finely balances some dark humour with some shocking indictments of the US prison system and female prison life in general.

Netflix continues its relationship with Marvel Comics with this original series based on one of the brand's lesser-known characters.

Jessica Jones was a secondary superhero in the Marvel Universe previously, but is interesting enough to get her own show, which ties-in with others either available now or in development. Daredevil, for example, is also based in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York. Other heroes will appear the series too and former Doctor Who, David Tennant, co-stars as villain Kilgrave.

In contrary to Jessica Jones, Daredevil is one of the best known heroes in the Marvel Universe and his TV series does him proud.

As we say above, it is set in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York, where a blind Matt Murdock wields his own brand of justice on the criminal underworld. 

All 10 episodes of Netflix original drama Narcos is available to view on the platform, and it is thoroughly recommended you catch up with the series that is becoming one of the new "have you seen?" topics around the water cooler.

It is based on the real-life escapades of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel, and the US Drug Enforcement Agencies efforts to take him down. A second series has been commissioned for release some time in 2016, so it's worth swotting up on the first to get prepared.

Season one of the TV series based on the Scream franchise of movies was actually first shown on MTV in 2015 but now lives under the Netflix Original banner on the streaming service. Netflix has all 10 episodes of the teen slasher drama on its platform and with a second series already commissioned it's a good opportunity to catch up.

Like the films, the show mixes horror and humour, although original fans might not like the new mask design used, which seems a little darker in tone to us.

With a commitment to a second season announced in January, Marco Polo's first is well worth catching up with.

It is a dramatisation of the early historical adventures of traveller Polo, and his years with the court of Kublai Khan. It is stunningly shot, with amazing locations and a massive budget that you can clearly see on the screen.

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Like Netflix, Amazon has a healthy selection of homegrown shows available to Prime subscribers. You can also watch them at a cost without Prime, but it's a lot cheaper to pay for a yearly subscription and get a load of other benefits thrown in - including access to the Amazon Music streaming service and free next-day - or same-day in some cases - delivery. A lot of its shows are also bought from US channels, such as Vikings which is screened on History in the States, or Starz's Black Sails.

The acquired programmes do not tend to be presented in 4K, but the homemade shows are Ultra HD on compatible TVs and devices, such as the latest Amazon Fire TV.

The fourth season of Vikings is well underway and if you haven't caught up with the show yet, what the heck are you doing?

It is, quite simply, the best show about vikings ever made - being executive produced by a historian who knows a thing or two about the subject matter. And it's proved so popular, its lead, Travis Fimmel, is also the star of the forthcoming World of Warcraft movie.

Originally a four series TV show made by Sky for the UK, Amazon snapped up the US rights and is in the process of remaking it with a different set of actors. So while the British version starred John Simm, Philip Glenister, Marc Warren and ex-Take That drummer Max Beesley, the new remake features Steve Zahn, Romany Malco, Ben Chaplin and The Sopranos' Michael Imperiolli.

The plot is similar though, with the four friends invited to Belize by an old friend - this time played by Billy Zane - and subsequently get caught up in a crime caper, with dark comedic twists.

We're now onto the third season of pirate drama Black Sails, which is available to watch on Amazon's video service - freely if you have a Prime subscription.

It is based on the golden era of pirates and in similar fashion to shows like Boardwalk Empire and Vikings, intersperses real-life characters into the fictional narrative. And if you haven't seen any episodes from the previous two seasons yet, Amazon has them all as it acquired the UK rights from Starz, which airs them all in America.

Starring British actor Tom Ellis, Lucifer is a loose adaptation of a DC comic series that focuses on the Lord of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar, after he gets bored ruling Hades and decides to help solve crimes on Earth instead.

The run is now available on Amazon. Let's hope it fares better than Constantine, which was cancelled after the first series. Certainly the pilot shows promise and you should check that out at the very least.

Season two of this Amazon original series is available for those with a Prime subscription to watch at their leisure.

The comedic drama set in New York has been nominated for two Golden Globes, so you can be guaranteed that the 10 episodes now ready to be streamed will entertain all the way. Season one is also available on Amazon's video service too.

An Amazon Studios original series, Red Oaks stars Submarine's Craig Roberts as young tennis coach David, who works at the Red Oaks Country Club during a summer break.

It is set in the 1980s, so has a great style to it, and is a comedy drama with great pacing and witty gags. Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey plays David's mother, if you're looking to star spot.

The second season of the Golden Globe-winning comedy drama is available to watch on Amazon Video - included as part of a Prime subscription. And it's already been nominated for even more awards in 2016.

Arrested Develoment's Jeffrey Tambor once again puts in some stunning performances as transgender dad Maura and all 10 episodes are ready to watch from the off. You can also catch up with season one.

2010 movie Black Swan showed how ballet can be a great subject for drama and it is further evidenced in Flesh and Bone, an Amazon original series in the UK.

The entire first season is available now and it pulls no punches on the cut-throat nature of professional dance. It's like Fame, only with less impromptu electric boogaloo sessions in the canteen.

Martial arts series Into the Badlands has been snapped up as an Amazon original series in the UK, so you can watch it as part of a regular Amazon Prime subscription.

Daniel Wu plays Sunny who travels across a post-apocalyptic land on an epic journey with young boy M.K., who is highly sought after because of his mysterious powers. Basically, cue a load of cool looking fight sequences. Yay.

Based on a book by Philip K Dick, The Man in the High Castle is a controversial, provocative Amazon original TV series that is set in an America that lost World War II. The Japanese therefore control part of the States, the Nazi's another.

The series is executive produced by Ridley Scott, who returns to the works of Dick after having originally adapted Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep as BladeRunner many moons ago. The whole 10 episodes of season one are available to watch now.

Amazon Prime members can watch each of the 10 episodes of season one of one of the most talked-about TV shows out there. 

It follows hacker Elliot Alderson and others in a hacktivist group as they attempt to take down one of the largest corporations in the world. Not everything goes to plan, however.

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Now TV, the on demand service that's part of the Sky family, is a different kettle of fish to Netflix and Amazon Video in that it presents shows also or previously available on Sky TV (and, in several cases, Virgin Media too). However, if you don't have paid TV and want to opt for a Now TV Entertainment Pass instead, all of the following are available on the platform and many are still available on demand that are no longer shown on telly.

Aha! Alan Partridge is back and all six episodes of series 2 of Mid Morning Matters are available to view on Now TV after comedian Steve Coogan signed a deal with Sky.

Each episode is 30 minutes long and the format feels less forced this time around, with the previous series originally made for Fosters and first screened on the internet. The TV Alan is a better Alan, and we're sure you'll laugh as much as we did to every darn minute of it.

Based on a comic book, Lucky Man was created by Stan Lee - he of Marvel Comics fame, who created many of the most famous of the brand's superheroes and appears in cameos in all of the films.

James Nesbitt stars as the eponymous lucky man, a cop who is given an ancient bracelet that awards him outstanding luck. However, it comes at a cost. And you can catch up with the series on Now TV, er, now.

If you thought that the goings-on in Big Brother were strange, Wild Things is another reality come game show with a twist. This time the contestants have to dress up as woodland creatures and navigate through crazy rounds in order to scoop a £10,000 prize.

It won a Rose d'Or prize for best game show last year, so worth a watch for a giggle.

Currently broadcasting on NBC in the States, new crime drama Blindspot has come to the UK care of Sky Living and is therefore available to watch live and on demand on Now TV if you have an Entertainment Pass.

When a naked woman (played by Jaimie Alexander) is discovered lying in a bag in Times Square, New York, FBI agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) is called to investigate. Why? She just so happens to have his name tattooed on her back.

DC Comics is rapidly catching up with Marvel in getting its comic book heroes onto TV and film, and the latest to make the transition is Supergirl. She joins The Flash, Green Arrow, John Constantine and the pre-Batman tales of Gotham City on telly and her adventures are looking good so far.

Episodes of the new, slick series are available to watch on Now TV, having first been broadcast on Sky 1, which include the impressive pilot.

With so many American shows dominating this list, it's nice to have a British comedy drama series in the mix.

Featuring a stellar cast that includes Matthew Baynton (The Wrong Mans, Horrible Histories), Pauline Quirke (Broadchurch, Birds of a Feather) and Rob Lowe (The West Wing, Parks and Recreation), the programme throws together a bunch of strangers as they huddle to watch the forthcoming end of the world. To hilarious effect, of course.

Like Supergirl, this new superhero show ties into the rapidly expanding TV and film DC Universe.

Each series is planned to focus on a different character or group, with the first season featuring a time travelling plot as ex-Doctor Who assistant Arthur Darvill, as Rip Hunter, convinces an unlikely band of super-powered beings to travel with him into the past to stop an evil villain.

Undoubtedly, we will have missed off one of your favourite shows on the streaming platforms right now. That might be because we haven't watched it personally yet, or hadn't been tipped off. If there is a series absent that you think should be included, let us know in the comments below and we'll check it out for a future update.