Panasonic refreshed its line-up of Viera televisions for 2016, with a number of models offering Ultra HD/4K, as well as high dynamic range (HDR).

We saw the launch of the DX900 at CES 2016 (appearing as the DX902 in Europe), Panasonic's first television to carry the Ultra HD Premium tag, meaning that it adheres to the UHD Alliance's demanding standards for the delivery of Ultra HD and HDR content.

Panasonic is firing into 4K with both barrels, with a full range of devices from capture to viewing, encompassing camera, televisions and Ultra HD Blu-ray players.


The DX900 is the flagship television for Panasonic in 2016. It comes with the Ultra HD Premium tag, the first TV from Panasonic to carry this new badge. It offers direct illumination through Panasonic's Honeycomb system, so it's slightly thicker than some of the other flagships out there, but this gives more control over lighting across the panel thanks to hundreds of separate dimming zones. 

This results in stunning contrast, able to deliver deep blacks and bright whites, reducing haloing that's common on LED TVs. From what we've seen of this TV, it's very capable at delivering a realistic but vibrant colour range, with HDR giving that dynamic boost to look ultra realistic. 

There is a HCX+ processor powering the thing, as well as THX certification. As with Panasonic's other TVs on this list, it runs on Firefox OS, with Freeview Play in the UK, and both Amazon and Netflix notably providing video content. That's where you'll be getting the majority of your 4K and HDR content in the immediate term. 

The Panasonic Viera DX902 is on sale now, and will cost around £3200 for the 65-inch model, or £2700 for the 58-inch.

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The DX802 makes a greater design statement, sitting on its own A-style frame so the screen appears to float. The speakers are separate as a bar that can sit below the screen, or slightly behind for a more hidden appearance. 

The Panasonic Viera DX802 takes a slight step down in terms of the technology offered through the panel, so this is a 2000Hz display rather than the 3000Hz of the DX902. It doesn't carry the Ultra HD Premium badge, but it is 4K and HDR capable, with THX certification pending.

It has a HCX processor aiming to give you great realistic colours and like the other televisions in this line-up, it's powered by Firefox OS with Freeview Play in the UK, and Netflix and Amazon to provide your on-demand video content. 

The Panasonic Viera DX802 will be available in 58- and 50-inch sizes, and from what we've seen so far, it's another really impressive display. There's no word on pricing yet.

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Moving down from those top two models you have the DX750 (it will be sold as DX780 in Europe with twin tuners). Technically the DX750 moves down to a 1800Hz panel, but hangs onto the 4K resolution and support for HDR. 

One of the unique features of this TV is that it offers Panasonic's "switch style" stand. This allows you to move the feet into different positions to suit your room. The feet can be reversed, so there's a range of different positions and looks, all from the same TV.

As with the other TVs it will run on Firefox OS with Freeview Play (in the UK) and support for online services like Netflix and Amazon. 

The DX750 swill come in 50-, 58- and 65-inch sizes and again the price is still to be released. We like the design and this TV still looks great.


The entry point for 4K and HDR from Panasonic is the DX700. This offers the same design as the DX750 with those feet that can be moved into different positions to suit the room you're standing it in.

The panel however moves down to 1400Hz, but it's still 4K and HDR compatible. Again it runs on Firefox OS with Freeview Play and offers those on-demand catch-up services from Amazon and Netflix. 

There's no confirmation of pricing just yet, but it will be available in 40-, 50- and 58-inch sizes. 

Panasonic will offer televisions lower down the scale offering 4K resolutions (DX650 and DX600), but these don't support HDR, so you won't be getting the most out of the latest content that you throw at it.

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