Mobile World Congress is the launch pad for many flagship smartphones, and this year is no different.

We've see hot releases from the likes of LG, Huawei, Samsung and Sony Mobile, as well as champion manufacturers of yesteryear such as Nokia and BlackBerry.

And it is not just smartphones, companies are using the show to launch smartwatches, tablets, and phone accessories as well.

We've been scouring the show floor to find the best products that have been revealed. The ones that you should be putting on your wish list, the ones you should be pre-ordering, the ones that when you see them in the flesh, you'll be saying "want".

We've seen all of these devices up close, and we'll be updating this feature as and when we can during the trade show, so keep checking back.

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Pocket-lintLG G6

Teased for sometime, the LG G6 is the company's newest flagship device and comes with a 5.7-inch 18:9 display that is longer than you're probably used to. It's also the first phone that supports Dolby Vision HDR meaning your videos are going to look stunning thanks to a better contrast and wider colour gamut. LG's move to deliver a bigger screen in a device that isn't bulky looks to have paid off. 

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Pocket-lintNokia 6

Besides the hype of relaunching a phone that was 17 years old (the Nokia 3310) Nokia showcased three Android smartphones, the best of which was the Nokia 6. A budget handset with a 5.5-inch screen Nokia looks set to try and dominate the budget smartphone market going up against the likes of OnePlus and entry-level Motorola and Sony Mobile smartphones of this world. The one you'll really want is the Nokia 6 Arte Black, it's a special edition offering with a colouring similar to the high-end iPhone 7 Jet Black model. 

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Pocket-lintHuawei Watch 2

The Huawei Watch 2 is the company's latest smart watch offering. This time it will come in Classic and Sports styles, and be powered by Android Wear 2.0. It's also added GPS, like the Gear S3 and Apple Watch, meaning you'll be able to go for a run without having to carry your phone with you. Huawei has been sensible with its Watch 2 choices suggesting this could be a great Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch when it comes out later in the year. 

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Pocket-lintBlackBerry KeyOne

Yep - BlackBerry hasn't given up the ghost completely when it comes to releasing smartphones, although it has handed the licence to TCL. Previously known as the Mercury, the new KeyOne gives old Bold users what they believe they still want: a keyboard. Combine that with Android and BlackBerry Hub and this should bring a smile to any Blackberry fan's face. 

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Pocket-lintSamsung Galaxy Book  7

Samsung might have pulled out of the laptop market, but it's not giving up on the space completely with the launch of the Microsoft Surface-competing Samsung Galaxy Book. Coming in two sizes - 10.6 and 12-inches - it will run Windows 10 and come with an optional S Pen that looks just like the traditional Staedtler pencil. It even smells of pencil - take that Apple. 

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Pocket-lintSamsung Galaxy Tab S3 14

A premium tablet launched into a sector that's feeling a little neglected at the moment - even Apple hasn't updated the Air 2 for some time - Samsung has added S Pen support and decent specs. This might be the Android tablet to go for if you aren't just looking for something budget from the likes of Amazon.  

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Pocket-lintHuawei P10 Plus

Two new phones, the P10 and the P10 Plus have been announced at Mobile World Congress, but for us the P10 Plus is the better handset to go for, because it's only €50 more than the smaller model. The Plus features a 5.5-inch QHD screen and comes with Huawei's Dual Camera tech meaning you get that fantastic Leica monochrome camera. We liked the P9 Plus and this looks to only make things even better. 

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Pocket-lintMotorola Moto G5 Plus

Like the P10 Plus, the G5 Plus is an upgrade to the standard offering, which itself is great. The Moto G5 Plus delivers a big dose of premium, without the prohibitive price tag. This new Moto feels like a phone with purpose, built for an audience that actually exists for such a device. From the camera performance to the overall design, if you’re not in the phone market seeking an over-powered processor in your device then this lil beauty ought to have everything sewn up.

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Pocket-lintSony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony's MWC offering has gone all out in the flagship stakes delivering a device that  has a 5.5-inch 4K HDR display, 19-megapixel rear "Motion Eye" camera and a mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. There is also 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, along with water and dust proofing to a high standard. Impressive

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Pocket-lintNokia 3310

In terms of performance it has nothing on today's flagship smartphones, but it's the one phone everyone is talking about at the show. For just 49 Euro the Nokia 3310 brings back plenty of nostalgia from 17 years ago when the phone first launched. While the design has been updated, the insides haven't, although you do now get a colour screen. The good news? You'll get Snake. The bad news? It's not the same Snake you played in at the turn of the millennium. 

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