The LG G5 is expected to be revealed on Sunday 21 February as a modular smartphone. Now that's all but confirmed as a photo of a battery module for the LG Magic Slot has leaked – and it looks good.

Initial leaked photos showed a huge bulge on the back of a handset which was claimed to be a battery-cum-camera-grip unit. It looked ugly. Now we're seeing what's likely the finished battery module and it looks like LG has really tidied the design nicely.

This photo was leaked by Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka OnLeaks, who's been reliable in the past.

The Magic Slot appears to be at the bottom of the G5 where the units quite literally slot in and out. In this leak the unit appears to have a battery which slides inside the handset. Presumably this is a way to maintain a unibody design while still offering the ability to change batteries.

Another rumoured module is an audio DAC. This follows the official announcement from LG that it has been working with B&O Play for the audio on the G5.

Expect to hear the official announcement on all the available modules at the LG G5 launch event on 21 February.

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