LG's new G5 handset could put a bulge in your pants, if a new leaked image is to be believed.

As we've been tracking rumours about LG's forthcoming flagship - launching on 21 February at Mobile World Congress - there's been talk about a Magic Slot that will allow the G5 to expand its hardware load-out.

Android Authority has shared an image that might show the Magic Slot in action. It's claimed that this is a genuine G5 and it matches other leaks we've seen of this device's hardware.

However that bulge on the bottom appears to be new. Android Authority says that there has been some Photoshop work done to disguise where this image has come from, but we can't help feeling it raises more questions than it answers.

According to Venturebeat sources, the Magic Slot offers the ability to swap out a battery camera grip module called LG Cam Plus and a DAC audio module called Hi-Fi Plus, initially, with more units to follow.

The Cam Plus will feature a 1100mAh battery extension while its shape will double as a grip, apparently. The DAC module is the result of LG working with Bang & Olufsen to create what it calls Hi-Fi Plus, which should enhance the audio experience.

So far the modular nature of the LG G5 has mostly focused on talk about a metal body but changeable battery. We'd almost dismissed chatter of the Magic Slot, but if this photo and Venuturebeat leak is anything to go by, LG still has some surprises up its sleeve. LG keeps talking about play, and it looks like we're going to be playing with the G5's Magic Slot come Sunday.

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