The perfect balance of space, access and security is an elusive quality in cloud storage needs. Though some services are great, prices tend to rise after a set period of time, and the cheaper services are rarely secure.

The most well-known services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) sell monthly/yearly subscriptions but usually offer restrictive limits in storage space, often forcing you to buy into higher plans. The prime balance solution can be found in the SkyHub Cloud 2TB Backup: Lifetime Subscription, now just £34.46 ($49.99) on Pocket-lint Deals.

With SkyHub Cloud backups, you can keep your files safe for life on SkyHub’s servers, away from whatever natural disaster or external threat that might threaten your devices. You’ll get unlimited encrypted backups of any size from up to three computers, and can view them from any device.

There are a number of reasons it’s been credited for “online file storage excellence” by the Wall Street Journal:

  • Get 2TB of automatic backup for 4 computers, add more to your account anytime and backup all your devices, discs & thumb-drives
  • Back up 2TB of data as needed—there’s no catch!
  • Quickly & easily get set up
  • Rest assured that all your data is secure thanks to the advanced encryption security
  • View all your backed up files on the web, store them long term, or take advantage of the innovative SkyHub hybrid storage system

There’s no tricks or catch - you can store a full terabyte of data in the Skyhub Cloud, as well as all your devices, to be stored in SkyHub’s servers forever. For a limited time, enjoy a lifetime 2TB Backup deal at 90 per cent off.