Samsung has created a dedicated web page for the Samsung Galaxy S7 that reveals a few key features about its next flagship device.

The "Galaxy Launch Pack" lists four significant aspects of the new phone, focusing on security, design, ease-of-use and the camera.

Each feature is teased with a tagline and an official picture.

"Experience privacy at its finest" is clearly a reference to Samsung's own security technology. That could be pointing towards Samsung Knox being pre-installed, its biometric sensor in the form of a more advanced finger recognition system, or a bit of both.

"Meet the irresistible" is a reference to the design. Pictures of both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge phones have leaked in the last few weeks and while they both look like they owe much to the previous generation, there is a slight softening to edges it seems.

"Worry-less discovery" is most likely referring to the user experience. A new form of Samsung's TouchWiz interface is expected to be layered on top of Android 6.0.

Finally, the tagline "bring light to the night" refers to the camera and it will have better low light technologies.

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One other thing we can garner from the official images posted by Samsung on its site is that they seem to confirm that recently leaked press images are real. The camera module is clearly the same as on the rear shots doing the rounds.

We'll find out all the official details this coming Sunday though, 21 February, when Samsung holds its Unpacked event in Barcelona. Pocket-lint will be there to take you through every product launched.