While we continue to wait for further, substantial, leaks surrounding the HTC One M10, XDA Developers Forum contributor hamdir has created a superb mock-up of the phone codenamed Perfume, which we thought was so good we just had to share it.

Based on "insider information" and tweaked after seeing a washed out photo of an alleged HTC One M10 posted on Twitter by @evleaks, hamdir's render shows that, if similar to the real thing, HTC won't be straying too far from the design aesthetic adopted for the HTC One M9 and more recent HTC One A9.

He states that the mock-up doesn't show the "hidden thing on the front", which is intriguing. It also has no logo bar - something the press have been repeatedly asking for.

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In addition, hamdir reveals that this will be the "most symmetrical phone HTC has ever made". It also has an improved screen to body ratio, so will be the same physical size as the HTC One M9 but with a bigger, 5.2-inch screen.

He also says that the user interface will be more like the Android Open Source Platform (AOSP). And it will come with "heavy loaded camera hardware".

If you head to his posting on the XDA Developers Forum, you can also see how the new design could compare to the A9 and M9 phones.