Samsung isn't whittling battery capacity in its smartphone lineup this year.

Pocket-lint gave the Galaxy S6 a glowing review - even though battery life wasn't great. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a 2,550mAh battery. That capacity is on the low side by modern standards, and we suspect that's where Samsung took the hit to achieve the skinny dimensions. Similarly, the S6 Edge is capable of a full day, but we'd recommend carrying a spare top-up charger.

In what seems to be an attempt to combat the battery tick against last year's flagships, Samsung is reportedly giving the Galaxy S7 Edge a massive battery. As noted by 9to5Google, a recently-surfaced FCC filing has revealed the Galaxy S7 Edge will feature a 3,600mAh battery. That's much larger than the 2,600mAh battery from last year as well as the Note 5's 3,000mAh.

Keep in mind a bigger battery doesn't always mean longer runtime.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are expected to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress on 21 February, and of course we'll be there live to bring you all the latest news. In the meantime, check out Pocket-lint's round-up to see what else these flagship devices might feature.