Samsung looks set to bring back the Galaxy Note to the UK and Europe with its Galaxy Note 6. The downside? There won't be a Galaxy S7 edge+ in Europe as the Note 6 replaces it.

According to sources of Tech Radar who are "high up at one of the UK's major networks," there has been some backlash from Note fans. The source says Samsung considers the decision to keep the Galaxy Note 5 out of Europe as a mistake.

The Galaxy Note series helped to usher in the age of phablets and has proved very popular. The inclusion of a stylus for use with the large screen was also a draw that has been missed by what the current Galaxy S6 edge+ offers.

The source claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will launch in Europe this August and there will be no S7 edge+. It is unclear if there will be an S7 edge+ for the rest of the world or if it's being killed off in favour of the Note series.

In other news, Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge at Mobile World Congress on 21 February. Check back then to find out everything, live from the show.

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