HTC's next flagship One handset, dubbed HTC Perfume, has been caught in the wild, giving us the first glance at what this future handset might look like.

The image comes courtesy of Evan Blass on Twitter, who has been behind most of the information pertaining to this handset.

The HTC Perfume, presumed to be called the HTC One M10 when it launches, hasn't seen the degree of leaks that we've seen for flagship rivals from Samsung or LG, but all rumours suggested that the next One wouldn't follow the design lines of the last flagship One, the One M9.

Instead, it appears that HTC is following on from the One A9, resulting in handset with a more minimalist design. The biggest change that HTC fans will notice is the lack of BoomSound speakers. 

While that's a loss for out-loud audio, it probably means that HTC is able to offer a more compact device, something that's been a problem in the past. 

Although this photo doesn't reveal the complete design, it's clear that there's a fingerprint scanner at the bottom and if it works as well as the scanner on the One A9, then it will be very good indeed. 

You can also make out the volume rocker and standby button on the right-hand side. Again these appear to be a match for the A9, particularly the serrated finish to the standby button.

As the display is dark it's not possible to make out many other details, but it's rumoured to be a 5.1-inch 2560 x 1440 pixel AMOLED display. 

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