Life demands flexibility.

Tech companies are still working out ideal integration methods of connected devices into everyday life, with new cases and platforms offering steady support and protection for our increasingly-expensive gadgets. But design perfection is within reach thanks to the Dundabunga Universal Unipod Stand, which gives you ideal flexibility and hands-free options for your iPhone, iPad and other devices.

For a limited time, you can get one of your own for just £24.42 ($34.99) on Pocket-lint Deals.

Flexibility is key when going hands-free with your favorite devices, and the Dundabunga Universal Unipod Stand provides the ideal angle. This twisty little stand will hold up your smartphone, tablet or camera anywhere you go via magnets and flexible materials, with full 360 degree rotation. Put it in your car, on your kitchen table, outside in the yard, or even wear it on your body!

You can get the Dundabunga Universal Unipod Stand on sale for just £24.42 ($34.99). That’s a 30 per cent savings off the retail price, for a limited time on Pocket-lint Deals.