Hindsight clarity after a computer crash is inevitably painful, as the “if only” thoughts flood in about backing up your data.

Prevent data-loss catastrophe with a reliable backup in the cloud via Genius Rescue, a highly-rated service which works quietly in the background on your computer to backup your files. It’s that simple - and at 94 per cent off Genius Rescue 2TB Cloud Backup with a £34.39 ($49) lifetime subscription from Pocket-lint Deals, the price couldn’t be simpler either.

Genius Rescue uses a small desktop application to backup your vital documents, photos, music and videos stored on your computer to the cloud automatically. Not only can you access your files anytime from any device in the world, but in case you accidentally lose them, you can restore all your precious files with just one click!

What makes this ‘Genius’ is the fact that once you install the software it will start your backup 100% automatically by auto selecting the most common folders that most backup. This includes the Desktop, Photos, Videos, Documents folder. Of course, you can manually pick and choose what you want to backup as well.

Military-grade AWS 256 encryption is used for both upload and download, so you’re getting top-level security as you backup things like music, video, pictures, documents, executables, graphics and more regardless of what type of file it is. Watch your movies and listen to your music from your web browser or mobile device. Need to revert a change you made? File overwritten? No problem - Genius Rescue keeps up to 30 versions of any file in the cloud.

Don’t wait for your computer to crash to think about backup solutions. Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee as you pick up the Genius Rescue 2TB Cloud Backup: Lifetime Subscription, just £34.39 ($49) from Pocket-lint Deals.