In our weekly look at TV shows and movies available on streaming services we travel to Mars, back in time to the cold war and prohibition America, and take in a couple of comic book adaptations along the way.

That's because we've found some great programmes and films for you to check out this weekend. Our five highlights have been gleaned from channels and apps available on multiple devices, including the Roku set-top-boxes and Streaming Stick.

Some of the services do require a subscription or you might have to pay a one-off fee, but all of the content we've chosen is worth it we feel. And we've even thrown one in that's completely free for all.

So check out one if not all of the following if you're looking for something to watch over the next few days. We know we will.

DC EntertainmentLucifer

Starring British actor Tom Ellis, Lucifer is a loose adaptation of a DC comic series that focuses on the Lord of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar, after he gets bored ruling Hades and decides to help solve crimes on Earth instead.

The pilot episode is now available on Amazon ahead of the full series starting next week. Let's hope it fares better than Constantine, which was cancelled after the first series. Certainly the pilot shows promise.

20th Century FoxThe Martian 2

The Oscar-nominated Ridley Scott movie, which also bagged a Golden Globe or two, is now available to buy digitally from a number of different online stores.

It stars Matt Damon as an astronaut accidentally left behind on the surface of Mars after his crew presumed he was dead. Cue a rescue mission and plans to retrieve him.

SkyLucky Man

Also based on a comic book, Lucky Man was created by Stan Lee - he of Marvel Comics fame, who created many of the most famous of the brand's superheroes and appears in cameos in all of the films.

James Nesbitt stars as the eponymous lucky man, a cop who is given an ancient bracelet that awards him outstanding luck. However, it comes at a cost. And you can catch up with the first episode on Now TV, er, now.

Embassy International PicturesOnce Upon a Time in America

Although The Godfather and The Godfather II get all the plaudits, Sergio Leone's own gangster masterpiece is worthy of sitting on the same pedestal.

Also starring Robert De Niro, it tells the story of the rise and fall of a group of Jewish gangsters in prohibition era America. And the subsequent consequences in later years.

Beautiful and epic.

Channel 4Deutschland 83

Channel 4 bought the rights to show this hard hitting German drama, so it's now available to watch on the station's All 4 on demand service for free.

It follows young East German soldier Martin Rauch as he is sent to spy on the West Germans in 1983. It is presented in its original German language with English subtitles and is quite simply brilliant. 

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