Super Bowl 50 has come and gone.

It is therefore time to scope out all the big-budget adverts that aired during the big game between the National Football Conference champion Carolina Panthers and the American Football Conference champion Denver Broncos.

The game this year was supposed to be titled Super Bowl L, but the National Football League decided to go with regular numbers, rather than Roman ones, and will go back to normal in 2017. According San Jose Mercury News, which spoke to Shandon Melvin, the NFL's creative director, the league doesn't like the letter "L" because of its association with a negative gesture for "Loser".

Um, okay. Moving on... the Broncos won the game and we got to see the Super Bowl 50 ads in all their glory. The game was played at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, and CBS broadcasted it in the US. It was on BBC 2 in the UK, but we missed out on all the American adverts.

Although some commercials released ahead of the game, most premiered during the game on Sunday. Here are some of the better tech and car focused adverts companies have been spending millions creating and for the airtime to show them.


Tech companies are always keen to show the millions of people watching the Super Bowl 50 that their tech products and gadgets are the one's they should be spending their money on. Whether that's PayPal telling us old money is boring, and new money is the future, or Liam Neeson telling us he is from the future, there has been plenty of money spend this year from the big tech players.    

Mobile Strike

Showtime app

If it's not technology companies telling you about their latest gadgets and gizmos, car company's are keen to impress at the Super Bowl 50 this year. Mini tries to shake it's "cute" car image, while Audi goes for a nostalgia trip. 

Kia Optima



Bourne, deadpool and others, what's not to get excited about. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It's not just about cars and tech. Lots of other companies get in on the action. Here are some of our favourites. 


Shock Top