The weekend is once again almost upon us and therefore it is time for our regular feature where we present five fine-honed highlights for TV shows and films we suggest you check out on the streaming services.

Available across different apps and channels, which can be found on streaming devices such as the Roku family of set-top-boxes or the Streaming Stick, we hope there's enough there for everyone.

There's a mad game show, British gangster movie, quality sports entertainment, documentary and a top-notch drama, so you shouldn't be bored over the next few days. Oh no siree.

So make yourself a cup of tea (or something stronger), sit back and enjoy. We know we will.


Making a Murderer is a fascinating documentary series that is available to watch in its entirety on Netflix - all 10 60 minute episodes of it.

It follows the true crime case of Steven Avery, a man who spent 18 years in prison for a sexual assault he was later exonerated for after DNA evidence pointed towards another perpetrator. But after he filed a $36 million lawsuit for wrongful conviction, he was arrested for a murder that also seems suspicious.

Working TitleLegend 2

Tom Hardy takes home two leading men's wages as he plays both Ronnie and Reggie, real-life 60s mobsters the Kray twins. And he does so very capably it must be said, with such superb acting on each front that you would swear he had a twin himself.

The film strikes a balance between the real-life, hugely violent story and the glamorisation of the iconic gangsters, more so than the 90s film starring Spandau Ballet's Kemp brothers. You can buy it to keep digitally now, or wait a week and rent it instead.

WWERoman Reigns WWE

Bar Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble is by far our favourite WWE pay per view each year and this year's event comes with a twist. Shown live on the WWE Network for subscribers from midnight on Sunday, the prize of the 30-man annual brawl is the World Heavyweight Championship title.

Like always, the winner is the wrestler who remains in the ring at the end of the match after all opponents have been tossed over the top rope, but usually they are just fighting for the chance to headline Wrestlemania in a championship match. This time reining champion Roman Reigns has to enter the Rumble himself and can only retain his belt if he wins the whole bout outright.

AmazonRipper Street

Period detective series Ripper Street was axed by the BBC after series two but soon resurrected by Amazon as one of its original dramas. Now in its fourth season, the show started a week ago and there are two episodes to watch on the service now, with others added on a weekly basis.

Set in Victorian times, with the first series occurring after the Jack the Ripper murders, season four once again stars Matthew Macfayden and Game of Thrones' Jerome Flynn as they investigate some grisly goings on.


If you thought that the goings-on in Big Brother were strange, Wild Things is another reality come game show with a twist. This time the contestants have to dress up as woodland creatures and navigate through crazy rounds in order to scoop a £10,000 prize.

It won a Rose d'Or prize for best game show last year, so well worth a watch. 

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