A range of available options for smartwatch buyers means it won’t cost a fortune to step into the next wave of tech development.

While most of the best smartwatches today often cost hundreds, we’ve found an excellent entry-level smartwatch for a supremely low cost: the Martian Notifier, available for just £25.15 ($35.99) for a limited time on Pocket-lint Deals.

Ranked in the Top 4 Best Smartwatches of 2014 by Consumer Reports, the Martian Notifier looks far more like a classic accessory than a flashy digital gadget. The benefits of modern-tech integration into Martian Watches’ generations-old structural designs include power for 7 days on a single charge, with a small, non-invasive screen that will feed you notifications when connected to your smartphone.

And when your device’s battery does run out of juice, it will continue running as a traditional watch thanks to the secondary analog watch battery. So at the very least, your watch will act like a watch. That’s not too much to ask in a smartwatch, is it?

The Martian Notifier can also be used as a camera shutter and device locator for your handset. The screen can provide you with weather information and the time for other parts of the world. Not satisfied with your usual vibrations? The Martian Notifier allows you to customize them.

A great balance between smart functionality, classic design and simple usability is here. Take 72 per cent off the total, and pick up your own Martian Notifier smartwatch on Pocket-lint Deals.