The internet is a wonderful, weird, and at times a scary place.

Protecting your sensitive information online can sometimes feel like a full-time job, but with private network services like ZenVPN, you can guard your online activity and identity easily. Right now, you can secure your confidence in data safety for a full 5 years for just £17.06 ($25) - that’s less than $5 a year for complete peace of mind from Pocket-lint Deals.

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network,” a set of technologies which enable a computer to connect to a private network via Internet (or other public network) and exchange data with other computers on that network securely as if it was physically part of it. In a nutshell, it’s a technology that can make your internet access secure by eliminating all blocks, threats or regional restrictions. Frustrated by geo-restrictions like Netflix and Hulu when traveling? ZenVPN gives you complete access.

ZenVPN service gives your connection a new anonymous identity, hides your real location and encrypts all your traffic with a click of a button. While VPNs are used for many different purposes, "VPN service" most commonly refers to a provider of VPN connectivity that is used to tunnel all Internet traffic past the local ISP. That's exactly what ZenVPN offers.

  • Enjoy uninterrupted Internet surfing—ZenVPN stays out of your way as it runs
  • Easily download & install the service w/ zero configuration
  • Enjoy top-notch connectivity thanks to meticulous network allocation
  • Encrypt all your traffic, all the time
  • Make sure your online activity isn’t recorded (no logs!)
  • Join a global network of 32 locations & growing
  • Don’t get blocked from BitTorrent connections (like w/ other VPNs)

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