As streaming video becomes more popular and conventional TV takes a back seat, growing amounts of online channels and apps emerge hoping to grab your attention with a TV show, movie or even short clip or two. How then can you sort out the wheat from the chaff and find stuff you want to watch, when you want?

After all, the Roku platform alone has well over 1,700 different channels available, each featuring countless hours of video for free or as part of a paid subscription. That's a heck of a lot to wade through if you just fancy browsing.

That's why we present our monthly round-ups of apps and channels we recommend checking out, all based on a certain theme.

This month we turn our attention to the funniest aspects of online video, with a list of 10 streaming services we think you should check out. In this instance, all of them are free and available across the Roku family of streaming devices, including the set-top boxes and Streaming Stick. So if you fancy a giggle, why not give one of these a go...

Pocket-lintRoku Comedy-8

The Stand Up! Channel has a superb array of stand up shows from comedians you might never have heard of, but will be happy that you've now discovered. There are entire shows from the likes of Keith Lowell Jensen, Glenn Wool and Maria Bamford, plus sketches, podcasts and spotlights on several comics.

Pocket-lintRoku Comedy-10

Who hasn't heard of College Humor? Like Funny or Die, it has carved a niche in creating its own superb, high production-value comedy shorts for the internet to enjoy. Thankfully there is also a channel fuelled by Flingo on Roku players that collects much of the content currently available so you can watch it on the big screen.

Pocket-lintRoku Comedy-1

Basically a simple to navigate collection of people doing really stupid things in front of a camera. Some are kids being sweet, a lot are of hairy eejits blowing themselves up, falling off skateboards or generally hurting themselves in other ways. Who doesn't find that funny?

Pocket-lintRoku Comedy-9

Another stand up channel, but mainly made up from clips filmed in clubs. The best part about's collection is that they are segmented into different jokes, so you can just play the parts of acts you like the sound of.

Pocket-lintRoku Comedy-7

Incredibly well produced, the Smosh channel collects all the funny tomfoolery presented by the team of, which includes animated shorts, game spoofs, and a load of other shenanigans that you will either laugh out loud to or realise that you're a little too old for this kind of thing.

Pocket-lintRoku Comedy-6

Like Smosh, The Super Zeros is a range of clips filmed by a couple of internet sensations. This time, they spoof both games and comic book characters in sketches that you will either love or hate, depending on how high on the nerd-o-meter you are. Us? We love it.

Pocket-lintRoku Comedy-5

Poptoons features a wide selection of animated shorts taking the mickey out of stars of popular culture, including Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. It's not really suitable for kids, so make them look away as you giggle at the surprisingly well-drawn antics of America's rich and famous.

Pocket-lintRoku Comedy-4

It's cat clips basically. They rule the internet and now they can rule your TV too. 'Nuff said.

Pocket-lintRoku Comedy-2

Michael Hickox is a Lego animator and there are a whole stack of short clips available on his self-titled channel. Not all of them are that funny to be honest, but there are a few giggles to be had. And it's safe, family fun that's worth a watch just see how skilled he is at Lego animation.

Pocket-lintRoku Comedy-3

Who could list a channel full of cat clips without including the equivalent for dog lovers? And, to be completely frank, dogs are much funnier. Plus, we're allergic to cats, so there.

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