Constantly losing everything that matters?

Minimize those forehead-smacking moments and frantic last-minute searches by tagging your gear with an iHere 3.0 Gen 2 Tracking Device - it’s a tiny keyring-friendly device that employs Bluetooth to constantly stay in talks with your smartphone. And for a limited time, you can pick one up for just £15.66 ($22.99) on Pocket-lint Deals.

While we wait for the technology behind the Internet of Things to connect the ecosystem of inanimate objects we use every day, we’ll have to improvise. Should you lose something, fire up iHere’s app and click the track button. If your tagged item is within about 75 feet, the device’s 85 dB alarm will help you find it; alternatively, clicking its button will instead locate your phone.

Other features include a separation alert should your smartphone get left behind, a built-in rechargeable battery that keeps the device functional far longer than many “disposable” trackers, and a remote control shutter option for snapping selfies and the like.

At a full 54 per cent off, this deal won't last long. Get yours now on Pocket-lint Deals.